Sage Data Recovery and Hosting

Sage Line 50 is still the industry standard for small business accounting and payroll in the UK. It's simplicity to use allows any user to quickly pickup company book-keeping and the comprehensive framework of support makes it first choice for many accountants and accounting firms.

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Recovering Email or Microsoft Outlook Data

You can have your clients email data hosted on our web portal or access email remotely from your own Microsoft Outlook. Data can be extracted either from an email server or from an individual PC or email application. Emails can lead the way in order to get further in many investigations and our email hosting service simplifies and accelerates the process.

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Reselling Domain Names and Websites

Websites take time, effort and money to develop and with the numbers of companies fighting for Google rankings with Search Engine Optimisation service companies means that an established website can be worth a lot of new business to competition.

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Recovering Microsoft Office Documents

Whether users have a Dropbox account, Google Drive, Office365 or local server the data still needs to be recovered in order to make sense of their recent histories. The process of mounting an appeal against tax or some other recovery requires as much verifiable data as possible. Our services can help you recover the maximum amount of useful data.

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Securing Client Sites Against Malicious Behaviour

Once a new case is on your books you need to be sure that the systems are secured against outside tampering from disgruntled members of staff or ex-IT companies. Our experience in auditing security across a myriad of different cases gives us a unique insight into securing against tampering or attempted destruction of data or other intellectual property.

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Assisting Debt Recovery

Debt recovery agencies can only be so effective. This is because it is an offence to do so under the Legal Services Act 2007. With our debt recovery partners we can help you recover debt that you may have considered as lost. By recovering the relevant data and providing that data to legally trained professionals your chance of recovery can be substantially improved.

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