Privacy Policy

Introduction and insolvencyIT take security extremely seriously. We value our client's information and take strict measures to preserve data integrity and security. All of our remote services for downloading or viewing data are encrypted to the maximum level that most of our client's computers can interpret and we review our security procedures regularly.


Types of information we collect

We deal with financial data on the most part but also handle email and document data which can contain any kind of information about people and businesses. None of this information is read, displayed or communicated elsewhere except to the insolvency practitioners appointed to the case and the original owners of the data. Once the data has been sent back to the insolvency practitioners any copies held by insolvencyIT is securely destroyed. The sales data we keep - contact details for IPs - is obtained by us and used only internally. The same applies to any billing data we hold. We do not store any card records or bank details pertaining to our own use.


Use of Information

We do not hold any data on the public and do not generally deal with home or residential computer users. All of our professional services are conducted business to business and we do not store any peripheral data about our clients except for our own internal customer realtionship management use.


Website data

Our business does not sell on any registration data obtained from any of our websites and we respect our clients privacy and do not disclose case data to other companies or professional contacts.