InsolvencyIT Operate a Scalar Pricing System

Our plans are designed to allow Insolvency Practitioners to base their decision on the size of the job involved. For a large case with high value of recovery the more detailed investigation will obviously allow for a greater recovery because of the data obtained whereas in a smaller case you may simply want to get Sage Line 50 up and running.

  • Basic

  • £250 / case
  • Hosting of Accounts System
  • 1GB Maximum Data
  • 1 Concurrent User
  • Secure Remote Login
  • Email Support
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  • Advanced

  • £750 / case
  • Hosting Accounts, Email and File Data
  • 50GB Accounts Data Limit
  • 1024GB Virtual Machine Size
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • Phone and Email Support
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  • Advanced

  • £1000 / Day
  • Onsite IT Site Manager
  • Full Security Audit
  • Complete Staff and Equipment Report
  • 2TB Backup and Remote Storage
  • Onsite and Phone Support
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