About Us

Who we are

sircles.net was founded in 2005 and continues to provide expertise in services to the finance sector. We have tailored our services to make the most of 'Cloud' Technologies in order to provide the best value and support to our customers. Hosting for UK IPs provides great adaptable, robust and secure systems for a fixed term to allow case investigations to be conducted without intensive intervention from IT support groups or interruption to clients or suppliers. Our systems are designed to work from anywhere and allow partners and customers to interact in investigating a case.

Our Skills

Hosted Services
Data Recovery
Domain Name And Webiste Brokering
Computer Forensics

Meet the Team

Simon Cooper

Simon has been wortking in the IT industry since returning from assisting the Thrust SSC project in 1997. He has extensive experience in customer relations, sales and technical solutions provision. Simon has been a driving force at InsolvencyIT.

Kate Donnelly

Kate is our office administrator and exerts a gentle but firm grip over the office to keep everyone happy and moving in the right direction - upward!

Ferenc Gerencser

Ferenc joined InsolvencyIT after being a student of IT and has come to be a huge influence on how they do business and their technial approach to data recovery.

Leanne Smith

Leanne is our sales support specialist and has helped InsolvencyIT carve a name for themselves as domain brokers and resellers.


Why Choose Us?

Our experience in data recovery, financial systems repair & recovery, domain name brokering and site analysis and security make us the perfect partner in order to help you meet required compliance and assist in maximum recovery for your insolvency jobs. Our methods are tried, tested and constantly evolved before being tried and tested again. We have suceeded in bring data back in extremely difficult situations so that IPs can recover VAT, corporation tax and other lost profits that insolvent companies were due and have enabled creditor after creditor to see a return.

Our Services

Let us come with you on the day of appointment and make sure that all IT equipment and intellectual property is safe and will be provided to you at your office for all of the analysis you need.
Through us and our partners we can valuate your domain names and websites and help you find purchasers for both. We have sold websites to companies all over the UK and abroad both ourselves and through our domain brokering contacts.
If data has been damaged or deleted we can often help you get back to partial or even full operation on a system that may be critical for a job to trade or for recovery of lost monies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your trading jobs in business.